Homestyle Meals Every Day

We want our residents to feel right at home in our community. That’s why we provide delicious and nutritious homestyle meals every day! Our meals are prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients, making them something our residents always look forward to.

Dedicated On Site Culinary Team

Our on site culinary team is integral to our quality food. They’re always hard at work planning new menus to wow our residents’ and tantalize their taste buds! Our culinary team also loves receiving our residents’ feedback.

Private Catering

Our residents don’t always have to dine in our shared dining spaces. If they’re celebrating a special event with their loved ones, we encourage them to use our private dining room to enjoy peaceful and private celebrations.

We also go one step further by offering our catering services. Why cook or order out when we can take care of all the planning and food for you? We love making sure our residents can celebrate in style!

Dining Options to Suit All


Our residents have the freedom to decide how they choose to spend their meal times. They can dine with us in our shared dining rooms with table service and delicious homestyle meals. Alternatively, residents can cook meals in our shared resident kitchen.

All apartments also have kitchenettes, meaning a light snack or two at home is also an option. Whenever our residents feel like treating themselves, they can also venture out into the community of Amarillo and grab a bite to eat at a local eatery.

Variety Every Day

Residents at Asher Point Independent Living of Amarillo can always enjoy a varied menu. We love ensuring our residents always look forward to meal times! From hearty and homestyle to classic and contemporary, they can expect something different every day.

Set Menu Structure

While our food options might change all the time, our menu structure doesn’t. Our residents always know when to expect their meals every day! We maintain consistency so our residents can plan their days around their daily meals.







Social Opportunities

Meal times are about enjoying nutritious, delicious, and nourishing food. However, they’re also valuable social opportunities. Our residents can sit in a communal space, chat with their neighbors, get to know them, and form valuable friendships.

Knowing how important meal times are for our residents’ social lives, we even plan extra long daily lunches so our residents have even more time to spend with each other!

A Restaurant Experience

We make meal times special at Asher Point Independent Living of Amarillo. We have beautifully decorated restaurant style dining rooms for our residents to enjoy every meal in. They can also expect table service and culinary workers who even do all the washing up!

While our residents can dine out in Amarillo, they can also enjoy a restaurant experience right here in our community!

Learn More About Dining in Our Community

Are you ready to experience restaurant quality meals every day and no more washing up? Contact Asher Point Independent Living of Amarillo today. We can answer any of your culinary questions and help you settle into our vibrant and welcoming community.